Thursday, February 25, 2010

Self-protection from sugar

I’ve been on vacation this week, on a writing retreat at the Oregon coast with women friends. I spoke my commitment to no sugar and the group has been very supportive. We’ve eaten well, had lots of fruit and vegetables, and if others have indulged in sugar, they’ve done so quietly and on their own.

I learned early that the anonymity aspect of sobriety refers for the most part to protecting the anonymity of others. I try not to give away details of someone else’s life that might reveal their drinking or their recovery. But I have been rather blatant about my own recovery right from the beginning. I wanted to protect myself from people offering me drinks, inviting me to events where alcohol was the main attraction. I didn’t necessarily want to talk about it or explain, but just saying ‘I don’t drink’ has been really helpful.

So too, I need to speak my commitment to no sugar. And I’m finding that, just like with alcohol, those who can take it or leave it are happy to go without in my presence. And those who are as addicted as I am deal with it on their own.

As the second week off sugar moves on, I’m finding myself thinking about it a little less, a little less discomfited by cravings. Maybe that’s because I’m out of my normal routine and don’t have some of my usual triggers: loneliness, too much DVD-watching, a heavy work load. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when I go home tomorrow.

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