Saturday, March 13, 2010

Signs and coincidences

Yesterday, my spiritual director called me to see how I was after the experience of Thursday morning. I've been feeling pretty fragile, slowed down, even depressed, which is not common for me. Lots I think is shaking loose, coming up, moving through. And I'm okay with that. It's what I knew I was signing on for this time when I gave up sugar to be completely present and unsedated. She and I made an appointment for Monday at 1 PM to further facilitate my process.

Tonight I received the following email via Facebook and a local astrologer that I like very much. I'm not a great believer in astrology; I'm not someone who consults an astrologer for propitious days, although I'm often struck by coincidences (I have three close friends with the same birthday). But this seems wonderfully supportive to my current process. The fact that my spiritual director and I will meet at this time seems particularly striking.

From Yolanda:
March 15, 1:01 pm PST NEW MOON IN PISCES

What we are presented with on this New Moon is five out of the ten planets in the sky in the sign of PISCES. This is an exceptionally auspicious time for great healing! Now is one of the many favorable times to begin to make powerful choices for ourselves and this tired yet hopeful world.

The work we do before the New Moon on Monday at 1:01 pm. is RELEASE.

IDEAS OF WHAT TO RELEASE: Lack of trust, self-doubt, anxiety, victimization, loss or lack of confidence, indifference toward others, self-sabotage, self-destructive tendencies and actions, shame, misconceptions, misunderstandings, and co-dependence.

The work we do after the New Moon at 1:01 pm PST is CREATE.

IDEAS OF WHAT TO ENHANCE AND/OR GIVE LIFE TO: Compassion, spirituality deepening our connections to those we trust, imagination, responsibility for order in our live, creative solutions to world concerns, orderly lifestyles that include proper diet, regular exercise and scheduled time for work and play, and transforming negative beliefs into productive compassionate action.

Now is a time for the transformation of destructive energy patterns into creative or productive patterns. This is necessary for our collective and personal spiritual practice and mystical alchemy. M

CHOICE OF CEREMONY IS UP TO YOU: Prayer, ritual, create a piece of art, write a journal entry, play music, light candles, work by the ocean, in the forest, at your personal altar, walking meditation, write at your desk at work, sing in the healing waters of your shower, dance, join with a group of friends, some or all of the above.

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