Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being with what is

One of my new friends from the conference last weekend, a lovely woman from Nashville named Beth, commented in an email on my blog post about all the obstacles I encountered on my way to the podium. I emailed back that years of study as a Buddhist have made me better able to be with what is, to take a deep breath and to look for a solution rather than sink into frustration.

Wednesday morning before leaving I woke up with those little symptoms of an incipient cold. You know the ones...the sore nose, the scratchy throat, the too quickly too warm feeling. I did all my wellness stuff on Wednesday but by Thursday morning as I finished packing, it was clear I was headed for a cold. And the timing was awful. A fairly long flight, a strange hotel, many people to meet and greet, a big presentation to give on Saturday. But again, I just relaxed into what was. I packed cold stuff--cough syrup, softy kleenex, throat lozenges. And I worked to stay relaxed on the plane, slept, drank a lot of water, and kept on taking my wellness stuff. And while I had a few symptoms and was a little bit off, the big cold never arrived and I never used any of the cough syrup or throat stuff.

I would have dealt with it, if it had. I just didn't stress over it. There wasn't anything that stressing about it or cursing the timing was going to do. Staying in the moment (how am I in this moment? Not too bad) made a big difference. And I conserved my energy and took good care of myself and it worked out fine.

Letting go of "why me?" and stepping into "what now?" is a philosophy that I'm finding serves me well.

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