Friday, April 16, 2010

One simple thing

At a group I facilitate called Wednesday Women, we talked this month about simple things we could do to make ourselves happier and more at ease. We looked at the domains in our lives (home, health, finances, relationships, spirituality, creativity, and rest) and each made a list of some of the simple things we could do that would make a difference. Then towards the end of the session, we each committed to one or two off the list (no more).

I chose two things: hanging up my coat when I come home and pushing harder on the treadmill when I'm at the gym. The first one seemed pretty simple. Instead of throwing my coat down on the trunk that sits just inside my front door, I could take two steps to the coat closet and hang it up. I'm a very tidy person and things lying around make me nuts, even though it's always me who puts them there. Hanging up my coat is also a metaphor for all those other little things I could do immediately that take very little time and yield a great return in peace of mind.

The second, pushing harder on the treadmill, is something I've been meaning to do for a while. I don't like exercise. I don't like sweating and I don't like being out of breath. It makes me nervous. I know, I know. So I stay at the top of my comfort level on the treadmill rather than pushing myself. But I could be in better shape, probably a lot better shape, so I'm making a little faster speed my baseline and then pushing each time I go for a little more. I'm smart enough (and lazy enough) not to push too much and get miserable but I want to up the average, the okay level bit by bit.

Here's what else was on my list:
Get rid of half my clothes
Move my journals to the basement and spread out my cramped books
Buy nothing online for a month
Grocery shop with a list
Speak my feelings to my friends
Spend more time with a couple of good friends
Meditate more consistently
Spend time each communicating with my spirit guides
Put color on paper most days
Keep a spacious calendar.

What would be on your list?

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