Thursday, April 1, 2010

Staying away from bars

Wait a minute, you're thinking! This blog is about getting sugar. Why is she advising us to stay away from bars? They don't serve sugar in bars, not the last time I went to one.

Well, they do serve sugar in bars. They serve it in candy bars and maple bars, undisguised. They also serve it in energy bars and granola bars, more deviously.

I'm on the hunt for a snack bar that will be a good, healthy snack to carry with me. My friend Bob Wilson, who weighed nearly 400 pounds in high school, has been height-weight appropriate for decades. One of his tricks is always carrying a food bag with him that has healthy meals and treats. He takes the bag even on a short errand; he doesn't want to be caught without it. I haven't developed that habit yet but I do want something I can carry in the glove compartment that will tide me over if I end up too far from a meal. I'm discovering that too long between meals brings an impetus to eat too much.

So I've been investigating snack bars. Some are pretty decent. They have a small amount of agave syrup or brown rice syrup and total out at 3-4 g of sugar per bar. They're flavorful, usually have some nuts for protein and some fiber, and don't taste scrumptious. I'm abstaining from scrumptious and sugars in the same food unless it's a raw fruit.

Many others are candy bars in disguise. They'll have agave syrup AND brown rice syrup AND evaporated cane juice (sugar) AND honey and then they'll lace the bar with carob or other "chips" and these too have a lot of sugar. I bought one that was heavy on peanut butter, which I like, but I didn't read far enough to see the 10 g of sugars. No wonder it's great! So great, that I started thinking about one early in the day and then couldn't stop thinking about it after lunch until I ate one. It passes the eat-a-second-right-away taste (I didn't want another) but that much sugar in a snack seems a slippery slope. It was also a puffed-grain bar and it seemed a whole lot like a rice krispies treat. Not a good idea. Not a good idea at all.

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