Sunday, April 11, 2010

Working and food

After a few weeks of a very light work schedule (one of the bedeviling aspects of the freelance life is the feast-or-famine nature of how work comes), things have picked up again. This is both good and not so good. It's good because like most of us, I'm dependent on working to pay my bills and put money away for the future. It's not so good because I have less time to sit and reflect and be with the changes and emotions that are occurring in this new life of abstinence.

Work can easily be a major distractor for me from the things that are most important. I really enjoy the work I do, I like the feeling of being needed and appreciated by my clients, the feeling of satisfaction I get from doing a good job, and I get a buzz off of task completion. In and of itself, none of that is bad. But it can lead to me doing too much work, too many hours and then days and then weeks in a row. It's an odd kind of bingeing but I can numb out on work too.

And when I work a lot, I tend to eat more. I need a break, I deserve a treat, I need a change that will only take a very few minutes, I need more energy. I've got a list of reasons for why I should be standing in front of the refrigerator or the cupboard or the snack drawer. There aren't any sugar treats here so I'm safe from that but there is certainly food and I really have to find some other kinds of breaks as I move into a busier work season.

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