Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The bathing suit dilemma

I'm headed off Thursday to the second of the four conferences for Hazelden. This one is in Safety Harbor, Florida, just south of Tampa at what is billed as one of the top 10 resort spas in the U.S.. I have no idea why we are moving from an airport Marriott to a swanky spa but I'm not complaining. I went in and looked at all the amenities and see that there are two swimming pools. I enjoy swimming, not so much for exercise as for immersion in water since I mostly shower and I live in a region where only the suicidal swim in the cold, undertow ocean.

So do I take my bathing suit? Our family used to go over to Eastern Oregon for a week each summer where we lounged around the pool. I was never self-conscious for more than a few minutes. The resort there catered to all ages and all types and there was as many old as young, as many heavy as thin, as many attractive as not so. But will I be willing to wear my suit at a spa where the rich and famous are known to hang out?

The question may be moot. First I have to find the suit. I haven't worn it in 6 or 7 years. Will it fit? Will it have fallen apart in the way of aging elastic? If it's not viable, then I guess I'm off the hook in the decision-making department.

And if it is wearable and I can get into it? Then I guess I have to decide if I'm one of those women who doesn't give a damn and takes her ease, or does give a damn and stays inside. Hmmm...to be continued

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