Monday, May 10, 2010

God as I understand God

One of the great presentations I heard at the Hazelden conference last month was from a California therapist, Dr. Judith Turian. Her presentation was on building a loving, satisfying, lifelong partnership with a Higher Power.

The God issue has long been problematic for me. In AA, for many years the group was my Higher Power. Then I came into a vague relationship with what I call "Spirit," which moved me a little further along the path but enabled me to make no real commitment. Turian's recommendations are about real specifics and she encourages people to write out answers to the following questions.

Describe your Higher Power (your real thoughts and feelings).
What is your Higher Power's personality like?
How does your Higher Power feel about you?
How does your Higher Power interact with you?
What does your Higher Power expect of you?
When you think about having a close relationship with your Higher Power, what fears, worries, or concerns do you have?

And I added one question of my own: What does your Higher Power want for you?

I've been working with these questions over the last few days in my journal. As I suspected, they are forcing me to take a stand, to get real and specific. All for the good.

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