Sunday, May 23, 2010

long day's journey into Portland

I just spent 11 hours on planes and in airports. I'm not sure how constant travelers do it. They just must not think about it. I am very glad to be home to Reinie and Nellie and especially to the cool rain of Portland.

Last night I walked in the dusk and dark of Safety Harbor with one of the other presenters. We talked about Higher Power, we talked about weight loss, we talked about relationships--the things that women talk about. But mostly all I could think about was the heat. It was about 85 (in the dark) and muggy as all get out. After 1o minutes of not much exertion, I was soaked. It was fun though to walk along the bay in the moonlight, swat insects, and see the light on the water.

I'm experiencing jet lag the other direction. It's 7 pm here but 10 pm for my body. I'm ready to slow down. Still basking in the experience of yesterday.

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