Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Off to Florida

I'm putting everything into the suitcase for the trip to Florida. Just checked the weather and see that our storm will be over by the time I leave and Houston, where I change plans, will be clear, but T-storms are predicted for Tampa. Could be bumpy. I'm not crazy about flying and all kinds of trips make me anxious so I'm feeling a little jittery tonight.

The thought of a drink crosses my mind or a pill or ice cream to soothe me. None of those things are here in my house, it's 8:45 and I'm not going out, so it's just an old reaction, an old habit resurfacing, something to talk about on Saturday at my presentation, how these old stories, these old desires to alter my mood haven't vanished but rather gone into comfortable retirement.

I spent time getting ready today, going through my slides again, making some tweaks to the script of my presentation. I listened to a bit more of the CD from the Minneapolis speech but it just made me nervous, nervous that I wouldn't be funny again. And I realized I've done plenty of prep and I can just let it be what it is going to be. So I'm ready to go.

And I stuck in my bathing suit.

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