Thursday, May 6, 2010


I just got up from a two-hour nap. I don't usually sleep in the daytime. It makes me groggy in the evening and I then stay up too late and get into a bad cycle. But today about 3:00, I'd had it with my life and needed a respite. So I got into bed, read for 5 minutes, snuggled in with Nellie, my tuxedo girl, and slept deeply for an hour and then weirdly for another.

The feeling of overwhelm and disgruntlement (not even sure that's a word) had been growing for a few days. Nothing's really seriously wrong. But it was nap or get ice cream and I chose the nap.

I think there are times when there's just too much stimulation. I had several projects to tackle this afternoon, I've made commitments to do some serious thinking and writing about 4 different things, I haven't worked on my novel in a couple of weeks, I didn't have a very successful time at the poetry writing class (didn't write anything I liked), I don't see when I'll find time for the homework, I should be making a big salad right now for tomorrow's potluck lunch, I completely forgot to write the blogs yesterday when I got home from class, a group is meeting at my house tonight, I can't find the folder that has my short story in it, the sugar ants are all over the sink for some weird reason, my desk needs clearing, my work basket needs clearing, the dishes need putting away, there are dead cherry blossoms all over the couch where Reinie dragged them in on his fur, the terrace needs sweeping, the car needs washing, and I got a grease stain on my new shirt. It all felt like too much. And so I went to bed.

Ice cream used to be my way to check out when life got too much--ice cream and tv and then a nap. Guess I still need a way to check out from time to time.

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