Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clearing the decks

Nothing like a quiet holiday weekend and a bad cold to clear the calendar. I had little planned this past weekend because I knew I'd need to work. While the end of dissertation editing season is in sight, it's not yet over, and a couple of huge projects I've been chipping away at needed serious attention.

Friday I felt the beginnings of a cold creeping on. You know that sore nose, scratchy throat, over all malaise. I'd been unusually listless at the gym the day before and I should have heeded that and upped my wellness formulas but I didn't. Ah me. So I worked Friday and I worked Saturday.

Then Sunday when I could see that I was in for the full cold Monty, I began erasing my schedule for the week, cancelling some appointments and postponing others. Then I got into the swing of it and rather than playing it day by day (would I feel good enough yet?), I just cancelled everything until Friday. I will plan to go to the gym tomorrow for a light workout and maybe get to the bank. But I'm working only a little bit and reading and resting.

The sad thing is I find all that much harder than working full tilt. I'm full on most of the time and this doesn't fit with that person I know myself to be. Food for thought.

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