Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The evil twin didn't just drop in for the evening

She held me hostage in bed yesterday until nearly 9 am and even then it was a struggle to break the bonds that chained me to her. I moped around all day (her lethargy and sour mood were contagious). I did get some work done (only because I'm taking off for the beach today for 48 hours) and went to a business meeting. She tried to talk me into pizza for lunch (I resisted) and buying some black licorice on sale (I resisted). I tried to tempt her with fresh flowers but she laughed in my face.

Once we got home, she did not want to go back to work and I made her and she nattered at me all afternoon. Telling me we should be watching episodes of the first season of 24 and eating whatever we could get our hands on. I kept her in check for hours, even through a tedious formatting edit of a dissertation, the kind of work that's not the least bit stimulating but has to be done. And because I couldn't solve a formatting issue, she got pretty loud and obnoxious.

At 5:30 I went to dinner and left her here. Had a great time with a friend and ate wisely. And when I got home, I solved the formatting issue and was feeling great. Then through an error (mine), I lost the document. I lost the two hours of tedious editing, and she possessed me and we watched three episodes of 24 and ate way too much. I slept poorly and dragged myself out of bed again this morning.

Something's got to give. I suspect I should befriend her, listen to what she has to say, but right now I hate the bitch!

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