Thursday, June 17, 2010

More on satisfaction

I've been  at the beach the last couple of days with my sister. We've had off-and-on again Oregon spring weather. One good walk on the beach, then too many squalls for me to risk it in my light jacket. But it's clearing up today and we should get a good walk in before we leave.

I've been different with food here. I had lunch before we left but we ate an early dinner per my sister's preference at 4 pm. I was sure I'd be hungry later but we read and watched an engaging documentary on Benjamin Franklin and played some cards and I never really thought about food again. Yesterday, at lunch I made good choices and ate a wonderful vegan soup and half a crab sandwich and when we got home, I didn't even think about snacks and we ate a simple dinner and I was done.

So I've been thinking about what makes this different from being home. One, I'm not alone here. There's enough quiet (my sister loves to read and nap and walk by herself) and plenty of conversation including a lot of laughter. I come from a family of punsters and we go at it unceasingly, cracking ourselves up. Second, I've gotten a lot of rest, sleeping my fill each night and napping and reading in the afternoon. Third, I'm not working. I failed to send myself the document I needed and so I'm actually taking 48 hours off, something I don't do very often.

I'm not sure what conclusions to draw from this. Do I spend too much time alone? Do I work too much, rest too little? Is it easier to be satisfied when you're on vacation?  One of my challenges is how to translate that into daily life.

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