Thursday, June 3, 2010

Support from the universe

Once I got the ball rolling to postpone or cancel appointments this week, once I did some footwork, as we say in AA, the universe responded. My big writing project, which was due to be completed on June 2, has stalled because the client needs to get me more info and I haven't heard from him since I sent a reminder nudge on June 1. Two dissertations to edit are arriving later than expected, and a memoir manuscript is being reworked at my suggestion.

So things are much calmer here, my pace healthier and more leisurely. I like this pace. I like having some things coming in, some things to do, and a chance to do other things at my own rhythm, with full attention, not that scatteredness that comes from adrenalin rush.

I had also been really anxious about some correspondence I needed to take care of (see today's post on and having that resolved that, I feel a lot better too.

I've even caught myself a couple of times this week volunteering for something that needed doing and then rethinking it, almost immediately. I've realized these were Heavy items, not Energizing ones, and I bowed out. Progress!

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Bloggadilly said...

That's great, Jill! I'm learning how to clear the decks, too, and work at a slower and happier pace. What amazes me is that there have been times I've learned this lesson, but so often I have to relearn it! Luckily summer's weather helps. :-)