Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eating and creative satisfaction

I'm on the fifth full day of the retreat now, winding down into evening. I've been writing a great deal on my novel and both the imagining and the expression of it are going well. The other women at the retreat have gotten over their discomfort at the slow pace and the silence and have settled in well (it's amazing how long it takes to let go of the stress of the larger world). We've gelled as a mostly compatible group and are supportive of each other's efforts.

Being in retreat, especially situations of parallel play, where others are creative too, is just so good for me. And because I'm so fully engaged in the writing, I'm finding that my eating is healthier too, more balanced. I eat a good breakfast, I eat a good lunch, I eat a good dinner. Others are eating dessert or snacks but only twice have I wanted something in the mid-afternoon and mostly because I didn't eat enough lunch and was really hungry, not because I was bored or anxious or restless.

The retreat will end all too soon (early Monday morning) and while I have more than succeeded with one of my wishes (to write a lot on the novel), my other hope, to spend quiet, reflective time listening to my inner voices and coming to know them better, that hasn't happened and I don't know that one more day will be enough for that.

But I've learned a lot about what makes me satisfied just the same. And the role of creativity in concert with others has been confirmed.

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