Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A tale of magic in the universe

A friend came by today for some writing coaching. I've known Rick Sievers a couple of years and he participated in a writing group with me last winter. I've been editing his poetry (which is terrific) and knew we'd be talking about where he should go next.

But to begin with, he wanted to tell me a story. In mid-May he had an opportunity to go to Maui for a few days, thanks to frequent flyer miles and a cheap hotel someone told him about. He needed space to recharge, rethink some things, just be without daily life and family for a few days. On about the third day, he was having a heavy time of it and he decided to go walk on the beach. He took the elevator down (it was a tall hotel) and for some reason (here comes magic), the elevator went right by the first-floor lobby to the basement. When the door opened, Rick could see a stack of books, a kind of take one/leave one that you often see in tourist hotels.

On the very top of the stack was my memoir. I kid you not. Rick hadn't read it yet and he picked it up and the name inside was Vivienne Verdon-Roe. I met Vivienne 8 years ago in California at a Joanna Macy retreat and we've stayed in touch (she lives in Northern California). So it isn't such a coincidence that she would buy my book. But it turns out that Rick knows her too from a series of shamanic trainings years before I met her. And neither of us knows how Vivienne's book ended up there.

Rick took the book, read it all that day, and it was really meaningful for him. Just what he needed, in that moment, he said.

It wasn't until he told me the story today that we discovered we both know Vivienne.

I knew when I published my book that I wouldn't know all the stories around it. But I'm sure glad I know this one.

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