Friday, August 13, 2010


Frannie, the kitten, is running my household now. As a coach and a support group facilitator, I have lots of people visit my house, both individually and in groups. So Frannie is getting lots of social time. There are a few who are allergic to cats and they admire from a distance, but most people want to pick her up, cuddle her, wrestle with her, dangle their name pages in front of her, and talk baby talk to her.

She is adorable and I say that with all detachment. :) She has a pretty face, a fuzzy soft body, and is so relaxed and comfortable with herself and everyone else that she is picture worthy in most moments.

We coined the word "frantertainment" this morning at Writing Friday as we attempted to focus on our circle and our check-ins and intentions for the day but clearly everybody but me, and sometimes me, were really watching Frannie. Last night, one kittenophile came early to have a few extra minutes with Frannie.  She has two wonderful adult cats of her own but she said it took most of a week after our last group meeting to get over kitten cravings.

There is something wonderful about young animals: their big eyes, vulnerability, cute movements, snugglyness, that makes all the getting up to feed them and clean up after them worth it. Evidence of God at work, I think.

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