Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the universe responding

Since the beginning of my inquiry last week into just being, several things have happened. First and most importantly, work has slowed way down. I have several large projects ahead but they are all delayed. Funny thing, huh? Just when I was looking at ways to sit with my feelings, to take time to be, the universe opens the door for that to happen.

Second, I am blessed with having several possibilities of places to go and do my work. About an hour from here is a Trappist Abbey, a lovely place in the farm country SW of Portland where I've been for day retreats. I called today and I can have three days and three nights there in mid-October. So I made a reservation. Next, my good friend Jayna runs a small retreat center an hour in the opposite direction in the hills northeast of Vancouver, WA. While they don't specifically have overnight accommodations, the day lodge has a sleepable futon, a small kitchen, a nearby shower and toilet. It too is a sacred space that calls to me. Third, my good friend Diane will happily let me use her beach condo two hours away if I want the beach to walk on.

Having these options helps me stay in that space of gradual change. I don't have to assume that all the changes I need to go through will have to happen at once. I can do one retreat or quest and see what happens and then maybe do another if I need more time.

Lastly, I've gotten a lot of positive response from friends about this idea and I'm feeling very supported. Now all I need is a kitten sitter for the days away.

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