Friday, September 24, 2010

Geographic cure--or the Travelling Shingles Show

I"m in San Diego at the third of the Hazelden conferences. I speak tomorrow on Living into Your Intentions. These trips are a real treat for me. I've grown close to the women who are also speakers (it's the same team each time this year) and the director and so it's like a mini-reunion with old friends. I'm happy to be here.

And I'm unhappy to say that the shingles followed me here. Just like an alcoholic who moves in hopes that she won't drink so much in a new location, I was somehow hoping that a change of venue, a change of climate, a change of scenery might signal the end of the pain and itching. It hasn't.

 It wasn't rational, my thinking. I've talked to enough people who've had shingles to know that the best one can hope for is a month of misery followed another month of intermittent and eventually fading misery. I'm now moving into week 5 and I think I may be starting the intermittent phase. Not too much pain at all yesterday (night or day), then pain again today, but less severe, less startling.

I also heard some wise advice today. My friend Judith has a new sponsor, who's 80. Judith asked her how she dealt with her pain. "I don't," the woman said. "You don't have pain," Judith asked. "No, said the woman, "of course I do. I just don't talk about it or focus on it."

I've been feeling pretty bored by the shingles and I think I too am ready to let it fade into the background.

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Willow said...

Cutting down on salt and salty food helps to reduce many kinds of pain and some kinds of itching. To be honest, I have no idea whether it helps with shingles, but you may like to give it a try, since it is completely safe and benefits the health in lots of ways, like reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Good luck!