Sunday, September 26, 2010

San Diego

I'm waiting for the airport shuttle here at the hotel in San Diego. It's been an excellent trip. I had a chance to see some of the city and its culture (see and reconnect with friends who are also speakers on this Hazelden tour.

It does me a lot of good to spend such intense time with other women in recovery. We speak a similar language, the language of the 12 steps, and because most of us have been in the program for quite a few years, we have a lot of the same experiences, even though we attend meetings in very different parts of the country. AA is both different and the same everywhere.

Yesterday afternoon, I delivered my presentation on Living Into Your Intentions and Becoming an Honest Woman, based on my book and some of the work that I do with clients and groups. I was a big hit again although I couldn't tell you exactly all I talked about it. I didn't stick as closely to my notes this time or to the slides. I know I told stories and I got the main points across but I go into some kind of zone when I'm speaking that is both hyper-conscious (I can feel myself standing up at the podium yesterday) and so totally present to the moment and to the audience, that it feels almost surreal.

It's the best of the speaking experiences, that sense of generating the ideas and the talk, rather than reading it or even just speaking it. There's nothing mechanical or automated about it. I let the ideas flow and shared what was in my heart and mind and it worked well.

I spent a half hour afterwards signing books and talking to participants, many of whom have deep longings to be creative. There is an artist in each one of us and I feel so glad to be bearer of the news that it's okay to let her out.

Afterwards I was completely vibrating with energy and while it would probably have been a good idea to stick around the conference and talk to participants in the next break, I couldn't sit still so I went to the gym and worked out and then went out and played in pool, preserving the right for old broads to wear bathing suits in public.

I am so grateful to Patricia Broart of Hazelden for inviting me to do this. Thank you, Pat!

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sorella said...

Dear Jill,

I'm so glad this trip to San Diego was so restorative for you. It is a wonderful city; it kept Leslie and I sane when we were living in Yuma (San Diego is about a 2.5 hour drive from Yuma). And of course, having another great experience with the Hazelden tour is magnificent!