Thursday, November 4, 2010

Backsliding but not quite

I've been back from retreat two weeks now. Two very busy weeks of work. I was away in mid-September for a few days, on retreat in October. I'm off to the beach on Nov 13 for a week of writing on my novel. This is my old pattern still in place. It has not seemed a bad pattern. I would work really hard for 6 or 7 weeks, including most weekends, and then take a week off to write. Having a week's vacation every 2 months seemed great. And it still seems great. However...

It means that I don't take much time off during a week. Between all the body and soul maintenance work (gym, therapist, massage, health appointments, grocery shopping, laundry, cat and car care), occasional social events, and work, my weeks go by in a blur. There isn't any of that spacious time for rest and reflection.

And most of my vacations are spent writing and doing art. It's a different pace and a lot more fun than some of my editing projects, but I'm realizing it keeps me productive most all the time. And that isn't a balanced life. Not the kind of balance I want.

I'm seeing how easy it has been to fall back into the routine. To promise myself time off in a week or two and just keep doing what I'm doing. Wonder how I can shift this knowing into a different way of being?

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sorella said...

Dear Jill,

This is such a tough one; you just want to be able to make this new information re-structure your daily life right away. It takes more patience than that. I find that there are fits and starts, as you work through this transition. When I come back from Whidbey, I am able to be in a more healthy daily rhythm for a while. Yet when we came back from Southern California, I jumped right back on the "all work, no play" horse. I feel that your insight about your rhythms will be a huge help as you work to create a daily life that sustains all of you.