Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve accomplishments and intentions

After reading one of Cheryl Richardson's books some years ago, one of my groups adopted her idea of giving up resolutions and instead listing accomplishments. Each person lists 25 things or more that she is happy to have done, accomplished, experienced during the year and shares them with the group. Then we spend some time thinking about what we would like on next year's list. They aren't commitments or a to do list. More of a dream list. Next year, I'd love to have done, accomplished, experienced XXX.

The group finds this very satisifying as we get to hear from each person all of her pride and joy in the year past and celebrate it with her. And we get to share our desires for the months ahead.

I'm preparing the same exercises for tonight's New Year's Eve ritual here at the retreat. We'll have our usual circle at 7 and read our writing, then a break for snacks and cider, then a sacred circle of completion and beginnings. I've been here to do this three times before and it's lovely. What's even more delicious is that our retreat still has three days to go, time for those desires to be thoroughly contemplated, not just mentioned in passing.

Here's to healthy bodies, minds, and spirits in the New Year!

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