Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chocolate in the mail

I got home from my retreat today to a good-sized pile of mail. A couple of checks, a couple of bills, some catalogs, and a package from my old friend Ingrid in Germany. I was concerned that whatever she had sent had broken as I could feel multiple loose pieces within the package, so I opened it gingerly. Out poured a dozen pieces of gourmet German and Italian chocolate, as well as a nice winter sachet.

The devil of craving sat on my shoulder for about 5 minutes. "Never tried these," he said. "There aren't very many and they'd be quickly eaten and forgotten."

I didn't listen. I thought about bagging them up and giving them to my neighbor or taking them to the gym in the morning. But neither of those felt safe. So I opened them up, dropped them in the garbage, and covered them with the chrysanthemums that had gone to stinky brown in the vase while I was away at the retreat.

I so appreciated the sweetness of Ingrid's gift and her remembering that I prefer milk chocolate to dark. And I appreciated even more my commitment to leave them alone.

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