Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How the universe is responding

It's been 3+ weeks since I set my intention to live spaciously this year. Since that time, things have been unfolding in a whole different way. First instead of work coming in big impossible packages, it's been steady with plenty of time between projects. Second, using the 3-item to-do list has made an amazing difference in my day.

I still have a big master list but each morning, I choose 3 feasible items (or parts of projects) to be on my work list and I include, some days, my creative activities so that those get prioritized as well , rather than relegated to leftover time, of which there used to be precious little. Here's what my list looked like today;

Edit pages 77-150 of the Fery project
Write two poems
Send out three invoices and two estimates

Write my two blogs
Go to the spa and use Gretchen's gift certificate

Before I would have looked at my master list, started doing things, and hoped I could cram in a lot. Instead, I'm practicing figuring out how much time things will take and giving myself no more than 8 hours of activity for both work and self-care, preferably less. 

On the weekends, I'm not making a list though I am welcome to pick something from the master list IF I want to.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have always been overly responsible and feeling responsible for my whole to-do list has been overwhelming. While I acknowlege that my to-do list is ultimately my responsibility, it isn't today. Only the items on today's list are today's responsibility. I can't tell you how freeing this is. One day at a time.

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LC said...

You HAVE told me how freeing it is . . . and I am working on it. I still get caught up in "cheating" by not evaluating realistically how long certain seemingly simples tasks will take. Today for e.g., one of my "work" items was actually several tasks regarding for my husband's mom and my mom: doctor's calls -- always an involved affair -- and paperwork . Your post today will put me back on track to reality! Thanks!