Sunday, January 16, 2011

A poem I wrote about what's going on with me lately

The Partial Explanation

Falling out, falling away
old friends struggle to know me.
The terrain of shared experience that we built on slides away like a hillside in Haiti.

The truth pops out of me now like a hand from the mud,
unexpected, reaching, frightening
to hear from one who has long held her peace.

I draw the line at their pressure.
My resistance is new,
their resistance illuminates a path into their center
but I turn away. Conversations about me swirl around
like so many dry leaves past their potency.
Two friends are eager to share perceptions and unsolicited advice.
No one asks me what is happening;
no one is interested in even a partial explanation.

I leave the village, led on by the faint lantern of the inner voice.

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