Sunday, January 2, 2011

Setting my intention for 2011

At our New Year's Eve ritual, we answerd five questions: What are you happy to have experienced, created, or accomplished in 2010? What would you like to have experienced, created, or accomplished in 2011? What are you willing to let go of as the New Year begins? What challenges do you foresee and what support do you need? What one intention would be of most help in the New Year?

In 2008, my intention was to never be in a hurry again.
In 2009, it was to be more rested.
And in 2010, I decided just to continue to practice those first two intentions.

Before we sat down in circle, I didn't know what my intention would be. I hadn't thought about it in advance or made a list of things I wanted to change. That seemed too much like New Year's resolutions. I was willing to just wait and see what would come

And something did. My intention for 2011 is to live spaciously. I want a spacious relationship with time, with my home, with my dreams, with my creativity, with my spirituality. It feels really right.

My next step will be to decide how I can support myself in manifesting that. Stay tuned!

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sorella said...

Dear Jill,

I love your intention -- and how you allowed it to bubble up from the depths of you. :-)