Sunday, January 30, 2011

Women and Food

For the last four years, I've participated in a group I started called Women and Money. Feeling tentative in my relationship with money, I sought support from other women who too wanted to change their relationship to financial issues, preferably from fear and anxiety to comfort and capability. That group is ongoing and although the membership changes as people reach their goals and move on and are replaced, the support I find to stay in the conversation and make change is important to me.

Today, I called together five other women willing to explore the possibility of a similar support gathering around Women and Food. We spent 90 minutes today talking about our relationships with food and how we each would like to find peace in that relationship rather than guilt, anger, and anxiety. Among is a wealth of knowledge of nutrition, dieting, weight loss and regain, low self-esteem, body image issues although none of us is a professional in any of these fields. We bring to bear the decades of experience, including memberships in Overeaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers, and stacks of books that we have weathered in a culture of overabundant food, obsession with thinness, and an addiction to dissatisfaction.

Although we were tempted at times to shift into our histories with struggling with food, our collective intention is to invest in solution rather than problem, the yearning for something different rather than the obstacles that have kept us stuck. We spent some time writing about what we would like to see happen and how we might get there, including goofy and wacky ways to make change. We then each took on a small change we were willing to explore this next month.

I don't know if the amazing successes we've seen in the Women and Money group can be replicated with food. The issues are different and yet surprisingly similar. Lack in the face of abundance, fear in the face of plenty. But I want to keep moving forward in my explorations and am glad to have some others as companions on the journey.


LC said...

Sounds challenging and worthwhile.

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury said...

I am writing a book on women, weight and wealth and have a facebook page on the topic. I love that you have put this group together and if you and/or other members of your group were open to it, I would love to interview you for my book. You can find me on and also find out more on facebook if you search for "women, weight and wealth". Good luck on this wonderful and challenging journey.