Friday, February 25, 2011

Loved this poem so much I'm sending it on to you

The Hymn of a Fat Woman

Joyce Huff

All of the saints starved themselves.
Not a single fat one.
The words “deity” and “diet” must have come from the same
Latin root.

Those saints must have been thin as knucklebones
or shards of stained
glass or Christ carved
on his cross.

as pew seats. Brittle
as hair shirts. Women
made from bone, like the ribs that protrude from his wasted
wooden chest. Women consumed
by fervor.

They must have been able to walk three or four abreast
down that straight and oh-so-narrow path.
They must have slipped with ease through the eye
of the needle, leaving the weighty
camels stranded at the city gate.

Within that spare city’s walls,
I do not think I would find anyone like me.

I imagine I will find my kind outside
lolling in the garden
munching on the apples.

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Lily Gael said...

So appreciate your sharing the Huff poem, Jill. Thx you.
Poem is as Interesting & happy for me as the all the bosomy Scot women of Glasgow. Full buns & hips swinging in wee flirty swoops. This is not a burdened body shape here; no wishing or plan for it to go away. Real time performance of forebearers: of their & my ancestor sisters, mothers & grands. Ooo, la, la, to mix the foreign flavors a bit. Here I see my body over & over & over & over, glowing back @me a bright reflection in the mirror that I am
this slice of our humanity pie. And men dance circles around me whistling scot tunes. I offer everyone apples.