Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Speaking in Nashville

The last week I've been in Nashville, first leading a 5-day writing retreat, which was wonderful. Great place, great company, wrote some great poems. A really delightful time and healing for my sadness over Reinie.
Today I led a 3-hour workshop on story and choice: how our lives and our stories are the result of our choices and how we can change the first two by changing the third. It was a very friendly and responsive group of recovery professionals and lay folks and I had a great time. Then this afternoon, my host, Beth Easter, took me to Cheekwood, an amazing estate/park not far from her home.

There are, I'm sure, many tourist experiences to have in Nashville but being outside in the sunshine on a cool winter afternoon was perfect after a morning of intense concentration with others and I was glad to just walk and take in the stark winter beauty of the landscape. Most of the trees here are oak and maple, dramatic in their bare limbs and trunks. I was particularly struck by a row of crape myrtles whose bark was so fleshlike as to be astonishing. Beth is a wonderful friend and she took photos while I just looked and we sat quietly and contemplated the landscape.

It has been a wonderful trip. I like leading retreats, I love leading workshops. And I'm looking forward to heading home tomorrow.

I know Reinie's absence awaits me and more sadness will come but it has been good to be away this past week, to let the newness of that experience settle down and perhaps dissipate. And it will be really good to see Frannie and Nellie.

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LC said...

It is heartening that your living spaciously includes such wonderful times of shared insights and quiet moments. I am still tearing at any mention of you beloved Reinie, I admit selfishly. Your two heart-gripping posts -- both prose and poetry -- brought back my experience with our little mutt Mini, and I am amazed, that after more than two decades, the grief could be so fresh. I will be thinking of you today.