Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waiting on the old boy

I don’t like holding the power
For someone else

Two weeks past
a turn for the worse
Energy ebbed, life flickered
Then rallied, not ready, not ready yet

For two weeks, he cleaned the dish
Played with the red pen I dropped
Wanted me to pet him
Wanted to sit with me, sleep with me

Now again energy lower
Coat shabbier, eyes not so clear
Kidneys, heart, ebbing
Life flickering

Next week, a ticket to Nashville
Teach, speak, do what I do
Do I wait on the old boy?

I cannot ask another to make this decision
I cannot ask the old boy to make this decision
How do I rally my courage, my commitment?
How do I get ready for release?
For now, I’m
Waiting on the old boy

1 comment:

Lily Gael said...

When my old dogPal Gus past Dec 09 I was on my way to Seattle for a 10days to perform. He waited until the Friday before I was leaving to let me know Now is the time. Oh, what a holy time we had, both letting go. My trip and performances were deep with the essence of him floating around, mingling with the icy air and my sad aura rays. It is so hard to trust this remarkable process. My thoughts are with you and him, familiars until the parting. Lily