Thursday, March 24, 2011

Low energy, low spirits

I didn’t know Evangelista Torricelli from Adam
Until five minutes ago
Didn’t know he’d invented the barometer
Or that he had his own law
About the speed of a fluid
Flowing out of an opening
I just knew that we’d had 30 days of
Measurable rain and what’s worse for me
30 days of low barometric pressure
Which translates not into a useful invention
Or a property of matter but a matter of
Low energy and low spirits
As if I’m dragging along the bottom
Of my own particular ocean towing the
Water-logged carcass of my dreams

Evangelista called Galileo friend
And birthed the modern wind
Not blown by gods or angels but born
When hot sky meets cold or cool meets warm
He believed the sun was at the center
Of things although he clearly never spent a
Winter in Portland where the sun is so far
Out on the fringes of imagining
If he had, he would have forsaken Copernicus
And forgotten, as we do, that the sky is ever blue

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