Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Taking action

One of the blogs I subscribe to had a post yesterday about taking action. That it's all well and good to set intentions and speak your desires into the universe but that you still have to get moving and do something. In AA, this taking action is called "doing the footwork." You do your part in getting things done, in making things happen.

The blog post made me think about where I'm not taking action and they are all things that scare me, that seem risky. Can I give up the fruit popsicles and granola bars that are seeming a little too close to dessert now? Can I acknowledge that I'm using them to stave off feelings rather than hunger? Can I send off the draft of my novel, finished for over a year, to an agent or publisher or three dozen of them and see if I can publish it? Can I raise my rates with my clients and keep their business? Can I make a foray into a different kind of social life, one with more men in it, so that I might meet somebody I'd like to get to know? Can I actually change my work schedule around even more so that I have two days a week to write or paint and more fully step into the life of the artist that I dream about?

I'm finding it scary just to write these things down. But I know that it's with taking action that things happen. And while there's a nice fantasy about having things drop into our laps or show up at the door, there's also a lot of satisfaction in getting what we want from our own efforts.

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