Friday, April 1, 2011

Feng Shui and me--Part I

In 2000, I was part of a personal growth program that was big on projects to move us forward in life. I decided to take on a fairly safe project, one that would have definite and successful outcomes. I took on revamping my apartment to better support what I was up to in my life. I called the project Zen Home.

I gave the walls a fresh coat of paint, including some more interesting colors (I had a very tolerant landlord at the time who was okay with anything I wanted to do as long as he didn't have to pay for it). I moved my office out of the living room (where I had positioned my desk for the view into the courtyard) and into the mostly unused second bedroom/guest room, thereby separating work and private life. I pulled up the ancient wool carpet to expose the lovely hardwood floors underneath. I bought a couple of great rugs from Pottery Barn. All these things made a huge difference in the way things looked.

But it wasn't until I hired a friend who'd just finished her training in Feng Shui that things really shifted. Tina came and spent two hours orienting me to the Feng Shui system and making suggestions. The most dramatic had to do with the healthiest placement of my bed in the bedroom (with my feet facing the door) and the position of my couch again facing the door. She also suggested some simple cures for some of the less harmonious angles (good chi likes round, not sharp) and suggested some color adjustments and other minor things.

None of these things meant very much to me, to be honest, but they were simple enough to do and I was willing to go on faith. Once it was all complete, I felt good in my home. It seemed nicer to me but I couldn't have said whether it was the angle of the couch or the mango colored wall in the new office. But everyone, I mean everyone who came to my home after that remarked on how wonderful it looked and even more importantly on how peaceful my place felt. And I became a believer.

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