Friday, April 8, 2011

Feng Shui and me-- Part II

Since that first feng shui experience 10 years ago, I've lived conscious of the basic principles. Keeping my home clutter-free, not storing anything under my bed (the chi needs to circulate freely for us to have healthy sleep), keeping my closets tidy. I know which areas of my house relate to the areas of life in a the bagua system (9 categories) but mostly I just subscribe to tidiness and cleanliness and less clutter.

But in the past month, I've had two other interesting feng shui experiences. One was learning that basements have an impact on our health and well-being. Under my apartment is a communal storage area and laundry room, so the other tenants of the complex mingle their energies with mine down there. I asked Tina to come back for a consultation and we did a smudging and then I effected some cures by hanging crystals in the corners of the room and placing some symbolic objects in the wealth area. I haven't noticed any big changes but I do feel better knowing I've done what I can to make that a more harmonious space.

Second, I've been taking a course in prosperity thinking that is based on feng shui ideas. Each day I've been writing out a given affirmation 9 times, then spending a brief time visualizing what I'd like to have in a certain area (wardrobe, livelihood, education, home, etc.). And there's an added tip or cure that can be done for each of the 27 days of the course (numerology is important in feng shui). Some of them are very elaborate (for example, obtaining water from 9 prosperous business) but others have been worth doing: candle burning, placing red envelopes with special Chinese coins in auspicious places in my home. I figure they can't hurt.

I'm not looking to be wealthy. That, frankly, has never interested me. But I am interested in having steadier work and in feeling comfortable with the money I have. I'll keep you posted on the results.

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