Monday, May 23, 2011

Fat body, fat liver--an unforeseen consequence of sugar addiction

Last week I had a rather miserable set of medical tests done for abdominal discomfort. Because my symptoms are one of the many vague symptoms of ovarian cancer and because I fall into that equally vague risk category (over 55 and childless), my doc and I felt it good to be safer and do the testing. The abdominal ultrasound is tedious and was a bit painful for me as I have some version of fibromyalgia. It took 40 minutes. The pelvic ultrasound is internal and she pushed on places nobody is intended to push on! Believe me! It was grueling and took another 20 minutes. Between the two of them, I was so tired I slept most of the day. So glad I work at home and on my own schedule.

Well, the good news is that no cancer showed up. But I did get a diagnosis of fibrofatty liver disease. This is caused when too much fat comes towards the liver. Unable to process it all, it stores some or a lot in its own self. This can happen so much that liver function is impaired. At risk for this not uncommon disease are alcoholics and the obese, particularly (here I come!) those who consume large quantities of processed sugar and fat and who have dieted frequently (rapid fat loss). Boy, that's me! Processed sugary foods are easily converted to fat and fat is, well, already fat.

I feel so grateful to have already taken the biggest stride towards rectifying this by giving up sugar and the fat that goes with sugary desserts, be it ice cream, candy, cake, cookies, muffins, you know the culprits. In fact, for the first time in several decades, my cholesterol levels were normal  at my physical. And that's a big plus.

Fibrofatty liver disease is reversible and there are many herbal ways to strengthen the liver as well. So I'm feeling optimistic. But this was a consequence that I didn't see coming. And more changes are clearly needed. I want a well functioning liver.

So if you're thinking that sugar is a problem, maybe this is something to consider.

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sorella said...

Dear Jill,

Congratulations on the normal cholesterol! And a big *sigh* of relief on the no cancer verdict. It sounds like your doctor is going to be able to offer real help on what you are facing. And how great that you have already given yourself an enormous positive step with your abstinence from sugar!