Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hard to get excited about chronic concerns

Last week, I shared some of the wisdom from the Dave Ellis workshop with a group of close friends and we started talking about what we want and how to get it. This is a familiar theme for our group and really only the scale of desires and the action technology is from Dave. So I didn't expect anything special to happen. But as I began explaining how I had used some of his technology to plan a project, one of the women interrupted me and said, "I picked an old concern, a chronic concern, and the thought of doing any of these actions on it makes me sick."

Of course, as readers of this blog you already know what her chronic concern was: weight loss. And guess what mine was? Weight loss! And her anger, not with me, of course, or with Dave Ellis, but just with life and her own choices so moved me that I started rethinking whether chronic concerns are really wants at all but rather shoulds.Some of us have been in this weight loss conversation for so long that we are just sick of it. And it's hard to get excited about a project to fix something you're sick of.

As I thought it about some more, I realized I was sick of all the same old projects: lose weight, get more flexible, find a partner, have more money in savings, reconcile with my deceased mother, cure myself of anxiety.

So thanks to Pam and her discomfort, I'm calling a halt to worrying about any of those things. I'm just going to practice being okay as I am. Don't get me wrong. I'm not going back on sugar. I plan to keep going to the gym and doing my PT exercises, and reading the Martha Beck book, which I think is truly revolutionary, and incorporating more meditation in my life. But I'm going to stop having problems for a while, at least the same old problems. I'm just going to focus on being happy.

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