Sunday, October 30, 2011

Laughter, donkeys, and exceptions

Respecting the Body"For most of us, and for most of modern culture, the body is principally seen
as the object of our ego agendas, the donkey for the efforts of our ambitions.
The donkey is going to be thin, the donkey is going to be strong, the donkey is
going to be a great yoga practitioner, the donkey is going to look and feel young,
the donkey is going to work eighteen hours a day, the donkey is going to help me
fulfill my needs, and so on. All that is necessary is the right technique."
Reginald Ray, Tricycle

Today at the Women and Food group, we talked a lot about our donkeys. Pam's knees are going on her, Angela's had spectacular digestive problems, I've got a chest virus that refuses to go away, Lila's been wrestling with pleasure and where it lives. And that doesn't even take into consideration the weight our donkeys seem to want to hang on to or add to themselves. 

Fortunately we're a group of women with excellent, active senses of humor so we were saved from all-out melancholy and obnoxious drama by much laughter, although some of  it was pretty dark. So we let ourselves whine for a while and then we got down to being kinder and negotiating our individual ways back to possibility. 

There's both wisdom and intelligence in this group of four and we ended our discussion by talking about what it would take to be exceptions. To be successful at overcoming our dependence on food for self-soothing, or our mono-focus on food as pleasure. None of us had solutions yet but we were willing to really speak our minds and our hearts about our donkeys, and I think something truly significant happened. 


Joan Johnson said...

Is there a Women and Food group?
Thanks Jj

Unknown said...

Is there a Women and Food group?
Thanks Jj