Friday, January 20, 2012

The devil is in the individual serving.

Two weeks ago, I was returning from a writing retreat with my friend Jan. It got to be lunch time and we stopped at a Safeway for food. Jan has a diet that precludes most restaurant food, especially the kind you can find easily on the road, so she wanted deli meat and an apple. I got a ham-and-cheese panini to go.

While I waited for Jan to get her lunch and for my panini to heat up, I looked at other things in the "Grab and Go" section. There was a big barrel of packages of chips and Cheetos and I was tempted but let that go. There was a basket of bananas and apples and I wasn't interested. There was a display of individually wrapped cookies and other pastries but I just passed them right by.

And then I wandered over to a futuristic-looking round bin with a domed glass top. Inside was ice cream. Not fudgesicles and HagenDaz bars or even frozen Snickers but little 1-cup containers of Dreyer's Twice-Churned Ice Cream, my vote for the best ice cream ever. And what was sitting right on top but Caramel Delight!

If you've been a reader of this blog for a while, you'll know that this was the last of my sugar obsessions. That the last 15 or 20 extra pounds I carry are directly related to this perfect food. And there it was, tempting me, taunting me in a Safeway in Centralia, Washington. There was even a little dispenser attached to the outside of the bin with plastic-wrapped spoons. This was liking selling crack at a booth at the county fair.

Jan bought her Braeburn apple and her organic ham and my panini came out of that weird hot press they make them in and it got wrapped into too much packaging and we it made out the door. But I was only too aware that I'd just had a brush with the devil, and he was dressed in a tiny and very cute cardboard carton.

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