Friday, January 27, 2012

Groupon Valentine deals for the addict

I subscribe to Groupon because about every six months, the spa I use has a deal and I treat myself or a good friend to a facial or hand/foot treatments. Most of the offers I can pass right by. They're very often not in my neighborhood and I'm not going to buy a coupon for coffee or tacos if I have to drive 20 miles to try the place out. But I read them from time to time to see what's being offered or if they're about a new restaurant or shop in my part of town.

Today in the Valentine's specials, this one appeared:

 Wine-Infused Whipped Cream Party Pack with Three Flavors from Clubs of America 

Vanilla, cocoa, and "plain" whipped cream with 20-proof alcohol in a product coyly called "Whipsy."

I just had to laugh. Next to ice cream, whipped cream is my favorite sweet food. I've often said I could eat dog biscuits with whipped cream. One of my earliest favorite desserts was called "Chocolate Refrigerator Cake." It was made with chocolate wafer cookies layered and slathered with fresh whipped cream. My mother taught me to make it when I was 8 or so because it was a dessert that didn't require the stove or an electrical tool, just an egg beater and a bowl and a knife. 

And any cake or pudding I want to eat is doubly, triply delicious with a huge mound of whipped cream on it.

Now someone has put this together, in an aerosol can, with liquor. Liquored whipped cream doesn't sound really good to me but it got me craving there just for a second.  

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