Friday, March 30, 2012

More on the C-suite

My good friend Tamara challenged me to explore the C-suite, that inner committee of chiefs that advise me. In particular, she suggested that I write a job description for the chief relaxation officer. So I spent some time doing that today and here's what I came up with for three of them:

CRO (chief relaxation officer)
Advocate for time off, turning off the computer, taking a break during the work day
Plan restorative vacations and prompt me to make those plans concrete
Help me get to the gym
Help me identify restful relationships and arrange time with those folks
Help me identify non-restful relationships and help me let those folks go
Help me set boundaries with my time and energy
Advocate for work/play balance
Remind me to pet Nellie and Frannie

CSO (chief spiritual officer)
Advocate for quiet time
Help me remember to meditate, rest in Spirit
Remind me to go to AA meetings and do a regular 10th and 11th step
Help me get out into nature and connect with whatever part of nature is around me
Encourage me to have deep conversations
Help me live by my values
Help me live by the Serenity Prayer

CCO (chief creative officer)
Help me make creative retreats a priority
Put the right creative opportunities in my path
Put the right people in my path
Encourage me to sustain the urge to create and to act on it
Help me have the discipline to be active and creative
Give me the courage to risk

I found this really interesting to think about. Now to consider the next step.

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Lulu said...

Wow this is so fabulous! Thank you for sharing and please thank your friend Tamara for passing it on. I really need new tools to keep myself grounded on a daily basis ~ this is sooo helpful (and fun)!