Saturday, March 17, 2012

Using all the members of your C-suite

C-suite is a term I learned recently. It means the team of "chief" officers of a corporation, typically, the chief executive officer (CEO), the chief financial officer (CFO), and the chief operations officer (COO). In my counseling session with my spiritual director, I was confessing to continuing to work too much, to say yes to too many projects, and we began talking about what part of my self is making those decisions. Although she used the term Board of Directors, I immediately thought of the C-suite and who is running my life.

Most of the time in my life I see that the CFO and the COO are making the decisions. Taking more work is about money and financial insecurity. Staying busy with the day to day of life is where the COO comes in and my COO is a perfectionist so everything gets done.

But as I talked with Anna, I realized that I need to be listening to other members of the C-suite: the CSO (chief spiritual officer), the CCO (chief creativity officer), the CEO (chief emotional officer), and the newest member of the suite, the CRO (chief relaxation officer). How to go about that isn't clear but it's an image worth exploring.

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