Friday, May 4, 2012

Learning to receive

When I was on retreat a couple of weeks ago, we spent our final evening doing 16 solutions for each other. This is a ritual in which each person gets to ask a question, usually one that is complex and often beginning with "how can I..." and then everyone, including she who asked the question, writes 16 solutions or suggestions that might answer or lead to an answer for the question.

The very first question was intimate and heartfelt and that set a great tone for work we did with and for each other. My question was about learning to receive. Giving of myself is not much of an issue but asking for help and receiving that help is a whole other story. So I asked for help with asking for help. And I had to laugh at myself and tell on myself because I waited to go last and felt really uncomfortable about asking for what I needed. Well, of course!

I got some great suggestions including one that never occurred to me: Ask to become willing to have whatever barrier there is between me and receiving be removed. Then ask that it be removed. Wow, the 6th and 7th steps in action.

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