Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some ideas on receiving


  Here are some of the ideas I got when I asked for help with receiving. 

1. Ask, ask, ask!
2.    Breathe in as you learn to receive. Practice with art, beauty, nature, expansiveness.
3.    Feel what you eat nourish your body.
4.    Do a tree meditation, receiving oxygen and exhaling carbon monoxide.
5.    Explore vulnerability as a key to receiving.
6.    Make a list of already safe kinds of receiving and do them double.
7.    Make a list of slightly uncomfortable kinds of receiving. Practice these.
8.    Make a list of very uncomfortable kinds or receiving. Visualize receiving this until they are more comfortable.
9.    Do research on receiving to understand more and placate my brain.
10. Come up with compelling and meaningful reasons to receive
11. Find “receiving” mentors or heroines to emulate.
12. When in doubt, method act (act as if).
 13. Let your fictional characters teach you about receiving, or what the consequences of not receiving are. 
14. Let your cats lead by example. Be a cat for a day. 

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