Friday, June 8, 2012

Getting off wheat--a week later

It's been a week since I set my intention to move off wheat. I ate the last two toaster waffles and then the favorite frozen ravioli from Trader Joe's with a pang of regret. I threw out the pasta (three open packages--what's that about?) and wondered what I'd do with my friend Mel's fabulous tomato sauce in the cupboard. I let the rye bread in the fridge go stale and tossed it too. I discovered that the crackers in the cupboard, while still high in carbs, have no wheat so I kept them for now. I set some unopened wheat items aside for the next food drive.

With some minimal guilt, I ate a tortilla when Beth and I had Mexican food but I decided afterwards that I wasn't going to fudge like that and when I ate out a few days later, I ordered my burger with no bun. I have a few things left that have wheat asa minor ingredient (way down on the list). Since I don't have a gluten intolerance (that I know of), I'm going to let that be okay for now (but no more wheat-ed purchases).

A friend read last week's blog and wrote to me about her own experiences of getting off carbs (a rather drastic plan through a naturopath that has her down 70 pounds and feeling great--after the withdrawal, of course). It doesn't sound sustainable. I've done more unsustainable food plans that I like to admit so taking it slow seems good for me.

And although I've been off desserts for more than two years, I'm beginning to see where the sugar still is in my diet (a fondness for dried fruit, low-sugar granola bars with their many carbs, white rice/potatoes/flour). My apprenticeship continues!

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