Friday, June 15, 2012

The leap from information to action

More and more information is being published about the ruinous effects of our over-sugared, over-carbohydrated lifestyle. We eat too many carbs, many of us way too many, and we're fat and in poor health because of it. It makes perfect sense.

And yet part of me is sad that it makes so much sense. I've been loosely monitoring how many carbs I consume (even with no wheat) and it's certainly at or above the currently recommended 200 grams per day. Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, potatoes or rice with meat and veggies for lunch and dinner, a low-fat energy bar with crisped rice in the afternoon or some unbuttered popcorn or any of the myriad things that I'm used to eating on a low-fat diet. It doesn't take very much of these things to add up to 200. And then if I add in the bits of sugar that appears in every bottled sauce or dressing and the juice that goes in my smoothie and the sugar in the nonfat yogurt I like and I'm over the top.

The sadness for me lies in the fact that even the 200 a day is probably way more than I can eat if I want to lose weight and be healthier. And so I'm sad at yet more change, more vigilance. Sad at the thought of giving up the low-fat, low-sugar popsicles I've come to love and baked beans and baked potatoes and rice with Thai food. I won't move off these things all at once. It's just wheat this month. Maybe rice next. So I'm not leaping from information to action but rather strolling. But it still makes me sad.

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