Friday, July 27, 2012

The unhelpful rules we live by

My good friend Sue and I have been having a conversation about the unhelpful rules we live by, those rules or beliefs that we either learned from a parent or teacher or through our own experience. Most of mine are the kind of survival tactics that worked once upon a time but that make poor companions on life's journey.

Here are some of mine:

Keep your feelings to yourself. No one wants to know you're unhappy or scared.
Life is not about happiness. Happiness is selfish.
Be loyal no matter what.
Figure out the rules fast.
Men can't be trusted.
Don't risk too much. Stay with what you can do well.
Duty/work comes first. Play only if there's time later.
Play should be meaningful, helpful, or a learning experience.
Always look like you know what you are doing.
Pay attention to everything; it is the only to be safe.
Another version: Be really careful about everything. Mistakes are a big problem.

What unhelpful rules are you living under?

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