Friday, August 31, 2012

Expanding my use of the Serenity Prayer

I had a good conversation with a close friend this week about the changes I'm embarking on and my fears and hesitations around doing so. In the course of our discussion, Meredith suggested that I began to look for some novel avenues of satisfaction, specifically around pleasure, love, and joy, as these are things that I am still looking to food to satisfy.

While the idea wasn't surprising to me, what did come up unexpectedly were thoughts about the Serenity Prayer. And I realized that I've always thought about those "things"--accept the things we cannot change, change the things we can, and know the difference--as being about problems. Some problems we can fix, some we can't, sort it out.

I had not thought about it as also talking about possibilities, that the things we can change can be how we do things, how we relate to self and others, how we get happy. That it can be about what we want, not just what we don't want.

So I'm embarking on a quest to find new sources of satisfaction for myself, to see what else I can change. I'll keep you posted.

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