Sunday, September 16, 2012

23 years

Today is my sobriety anniversary. 23 years since I last picked up a drink. 8,395 days one at a time.

It's an astonishing amount of time for someone who was a daily drinker, who could not go more than 4 hours without a drink, who was drunk all day every day for months at a time.

In some ways, it seems like that life happened to another person. In other ways, I am so conscious of that struggling part of myself, who comes back around from time to time with questions and concerns.

AA saved my life, saved my sanity, perhaps saved my soul. I am inexpressibly thankful for the life I have now, one I could never have imagined in those early days. I am full of gratitude today.

If you are struggling to stay sober when you read this, hang in there. It is so worth it!

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