Thursday, September 6, 2012

Taking the leap--or at least one leap

Monday I ate my last banana popsicles. Over the weekend I became ready to let them go and decided I would abstain from buying and eating them until October 1. It seems a good incremental leap to make as it's the one food that is driving the addictive part of overeating for me.

Changing my eating habits and preferences are not as simple as abstaining from one particular food or even a group of foods like dessert. I have learned over these years to eat more than I need, to prefer feeling stuffed to having just enough, to eat an overabundance of carbs, to dislike being hungry, to deal with anxiety by feeding myself, to couple relaxing with TV or a novel with food.

I don't expect all of these habits of mind and body to resolve themselves by deciding to not eat Frut Stix obsessively. But it's a start. And it's the most obviously troublesome symptom. So I'm starting there.

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